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Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, is the biggest game-changer for your career, business, relationships, and life. Get ready for better communication, more choice, and limitless possibilities. 

Register for Increasing Your Influence, Impact, & Choice (I3C), a virtual seminar where you will discover how to unlock the power of NLP. Enhance your communication, awareness, and fulfillment of all your life goals.

Stuck in Your Career?

Feel like you're talking, and nobody is listening to your ideas?

In a Rut?

Getting trapped in the same cycle of behavior that is preventing you from achieving your goal?

Stagnant Relationship?

Feel like you're failing your friends, spouse, or children?

Want More?

Want more choice, happiness, and the ability to do more of what you want?

Welcome to Neuro-Linguistic Programming


in Your Life

Influence your external environment and inner thoughts and become the leader you are meant to be.


at Home, at Work, Everywhere


Elicit the Outcomes You Desire

Get to your desired outcome with effective communication, expanding your choices, and challenging status quo


Professional Development

Be a better employee and manager by improving your communication skills and understanding of colleagues.


Real-life, actual examples of how influence and impact has lead to massive shifts towards the positive.

Lisa Manzo

Carmen Ventrucci

The I3C Seminar Includes

  • Personal Instruction in a Virtual Environment

    This class is taught LIVE, allowing the instructors to respond to your needs and learning style. Experience the course from the comfort of your home or office, and get personal attention and instruction at the same time.  

  • Digital Recordings and Materials

    You will have access to recording of the class and a digital version on the workbook, allowing you to refreshen and deepen your knowledge at your own pace.

  • Expand Your Network

    Meet other people, just like you, who are actively working on their personal and professional development.

  • Lifetime Reattendance

    Attend the course again anytime it's offered to protect your investment and refresh your skills.  

  • Immediate Application

    Receive immediate transformation and increased skill retention by practicing your newfound skills right away during the class.


Discover firsthand how I3C has changed the lives of our students.

After taking I3C course, not only did I walk away with techniques that instantaneously quieted the negative thoughts in my head, they showed me how to create a physical “happy button” on my physical person that I can activate at any time to bring up positive vibes. I just signed the purchase agreement on a very lucrative real estate agreement – there are many more to follow now that I’ve learned the proper dialogue and techniques to keep me moving at full speed, boldly embracing opportunities as they arise.  Your business can’t afford to miss this class!

Andrea Wiser
Founder, The Powerhouse

Lisa has been amazing to work with.  She has opened my mind and encouraged me in get what I want in life. It was a completely freeing experience.  I am much more positive and productive as a result. 

Gretchen Meyer
Head of Marketing, Company Name

Lisa Manzo helped me to pursue what I truly wanted for myself. I knew what I wanted to seek, but I was in need of guidance. Lisa is a big reason why I finally found myself, and helped me to take my life and my power back.

Nico Srut 
Founder, The Naked Confidence Campaign

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for clearing the bread.  It's so amazing.   I don't even think about it. It feels good to not want it anymore.

Joygrace Harmony


Working with Carmen has been eye opening and, more importantly, heart opening.  But the biggest gift that Carmen has given me is the trust in myself to put forth my purpose & my gifts, and to do it my way, in the world as a CEO. 

Traci Miller

CEO, The Pink Powerhouse Co.

The I3C Seminar was wonderful. If you are operating any kind of business, communication and sales are the foundations of your success. I can do both better now that I have attended I3C. These women are successful entrepreneurs and they know NLP. You want to know Carmen and Lisa !! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Randy Holden

Real Estate Investor

What you will discover

  • Have more confidence and energy on demand

  • Have a deeper sense of self awareness

  • Communicate better with yourself and others to accelerate your success

  • Read people to know what they are thinking

  • Create new, positive beliefs about money

  • Eliminate disempowering habits such as procrastination

Who will benefit from I3C?

  • Anyone managing a team of people

  • People wanting to live life on their own terms

  • People who are sick and tired of paying their therapist

  • People who want better relationships

  • People who want to be better parents

  • People who want to make more impact

  • Those that want more choice

Meet Your Instructors

This course is taught by NLP Master Practitioners certified by the IICT. They excel at using and teaching these NLP techniques and have practical experience applying them to clients, business, negotiations, and even as parents. 

Lisa Manzo

NLP Master Practitioner

Lisa Manzo is an author, speaker, mindset coach, teacher and nurse.  Lisa has extensive life experience working with clients and a life time experience working on herself.  Lisa has risen from depression and addiction, to live life on her terms. People looking to transform their lives, hire Lisa to help them overcome limiting beliefs and gain life changing confidence to live life they are meant to.


What sets her apart from others is Lisa’s natural and intuitive understanding of her clients, which enables her to lead her clients through the process.  Lisa is fiercely committed to empowering people to change their mindset, thus transforming their lives.

Carmen Ventrucci

NLP Master Practitioner

 & Business Strategist

This IS FOR YOU if:

  • You need to enhance your leadership, sales, and people skills

  • You want to elicit better behavior from your children, family, and self

  • You desire improved communication skills and language patterns

  • Need an extra boost of self-discipline to achieve your goals

  • You're aware you have more choice, more possibility, and more freedom

  • You are comfortable where you're at

  • You don't like to take action

  • You're not open to new ideas

  • You have no desire to improve

  • You are unaware of your potential


FREE Negative Emotion Session

We all have emotions, both negative and positive, and NLP helps you bring more awareness to those emotions.  Register for DISCOVER NLP and get one FREE Negative Emotion Session with Lisa, a $297 Value!


Discover NLP Course

  • All-Virtual Instruction

  • Electronic student manual and access to recordings of the seminar

  • High-quality discovery lead by 2 certified NLP Master Practitioners

  • Registration LIMITED to 40 Students, in order to provide the personalized attention you deserve.



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